Battle Rope ELION 15m - 13kgs

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Battle Rope ELION 15m - 13kgs The Battle Rope ELION is the essential work tool for practitioners who want to strengthen their muscles while worki to know more...





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Battle Rope ELION 15m - 13kgs

The Battle Rope ELION is the essential work tool for practitioners who want to strengthen their muscles while working on many physical aspects:

Strength, cardio, explosiveness, muscular endurance.

Consisting of a single rope of 15 meters (diameter 2.5 Cm) for easy installation in a simple hook and handles molded and assembled hot, the Battle Rope ELION are extremely easy to handle and install.

Once the rope is installed you will have a length of 7.5 meters on each side and a weight of 13Kg divided in two (about 6.5 Kg of rope per arm).

The whole point of length is to increase the difficulty and possible variations of the training.
The weight of the rope is felt all the more with the length, here nothing to do with 2 weights of 3 Kg.

The exercises can be very intensive to work on explosiveness or established on a slower pace to work endurance.

You will now be able to train in Battle ropes with its variable exercises to be able to work a maximum of muscles. These types of exercises being more natural they allow less strongly the joints

Here are the most classic exercises :

- By Alternating / Synchronized Waves.
- By Alternate /Synchronized Circles.
- Alternated / synchronized diagonals.
- Has one arm.
- Forward and backward.
- By varying the speed

It is therefore as easy to work on the desired points as to vary the training thanks to this simple but terribly effective, training equipment.

These ropes are exclusively designed for this type of training.

The handles are molded and hot sealed for an excellent grip and not have a rope that slips and frays very quickly.
The rope is reinforced in the middle to resist repeated friction at the hook.

Available in 3 models. Lengths / Weight :

  • Battle Rope :    9 meters / 6 Kg
  • Battle Rope :  12 meters / 10 Kg
  • Battle Rope :  15 meters / 13 Kg

Characteristics :

  • Perfect for developing power, explosiveness and cardio.
  • 2.5cm thick with a variety of length for any cardio conditioning and full body workout
  • Gain strength and endurance while improving cardio
  • Thick nylon construction with molded handles and hot-sealed ends to prevent fraying.
  • Includes a durable protective sleeve to protect the rope halfway through the hook.
  • Color: Black

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