Elion Skintex Punching Bag - 1m60 - 55 ± Kg Matte Black/Gold

reference : EL41523
Elion Skintex Punching Bag - 1m60 - 55 ± Kg Matte Black/Gold Elion presents us here a size XL punching bag in Skyntex leather of Thai manufacture to know more...

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Elion Skintex Punching Bag - 1m60 - 55 ± Kg Matte Black/Gold

Elion presents us here a size XL punching bag in Skyntex leather of Thai manufacture, entirely handmade, for a very high-end quality.

Thai Design: Thai manufacturing is renowned for its expertise in handcrafting every piece.
The finish is therefore up to the precision of the specifications.

This bag has been designed without concession:

  • Skyntex leather : 
    • The choice of a resistant skyntex leather reinforced by a thick canvas is imposed to make a size XL punching bag that keeps its shape. No natural leather can make a punching bag of this size of one piece (one piece = solidity), Elion has chosen what is best in terms of resistance and shape holding, an extremely judicious choice for a model of 1m60.Another advantage and not negligible, skyntex leather does not require any maintenance.

  • Made in Thailand :
    • We therefore obtain a strongly reinforced bag at the level of the fasteners of the straps on the top of the bag. The thick skyntex leather inserts and large rivets in large numbers on each strap fastener offers a simply incomparable strength.
    • The choice of straps is very appreciable for a more discreet use and without noise generation, rather than conventional metal chains.
    • To increase the strength of this option, Elion did not hesitate to strengthen its fasteners but especially to double the classic thickness of the straps. Solid and robust!
    • We appreciate the turret already placed at the top of the straps, allowing the bag to rotate on itself and avoid any winding effect on itself which generally wears out the straps / chains in addition to having an annoying effect for training.

With a height of 1m60, 40cm in diameter for a weight of 55 ± Kg this very stable bag is ideal for foot & fist training.
Take into account a total height of 1m80 for the attachment of this punching bag.

In order to offer a perfectly fixed bag to those who want it, Elion has added a loop under the lower part of the bag to attach it to a floor attachment or a weight, to limit the pendulum effect.

Elion clearly asserts itself as one of the manufacturers of very high-end punching bags.

A perfect choice for those looking for the best with an original design.

Technical specifications :
  • Handmade in Thailand.
  • Dimensions 160 cm and 40cm in diameter.
  • Weight of 55 ± kg.
  • Height of the straps once hung (vertically): 20cm
  • Total height: 180cm
  • Zipper on the top of the bag.
  • Suspension by lined straps less noisy than chains.
  • Attachment of the reinforced straps to the bag.
  • Fixing buckle on the lower part.

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